My road to University of Wales Trinity Saint David 0

I was 20 years old, I had recently left the army and was working as a store manager in the telecoms industry. I woke up for work day after day knowing exactly what was going to happen that day and had the horrendous feeling that this is what I would be doing for the rest of my life. I needed to better myself, I needed something to give me a better life, I needed a new adventure.

I began looking at courses around the country, in colleges and universities. Then I stumbled upon University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s Carmarthen campus. So I did what everyone does when they long for answers, I googled the place. I instantly took a liking to the area, rolling hills, close to a beach, lots of pubs and bars, good work opportunities and close to a massive tesco. What more could I want !
So I began looking at courses, I hadn’t studied properly since I was 16 so I had no real idea of what course to apply for. I applied for a prospectus, it came 3 days later. As I looked through the prospectus, one course jumped out at me: BA Outdoor Education. As an ex military guy with a keen sense of being outdoors climbing and hiking, the course sounded perfect. I got extremely excited and sent off all the relevant paper work and application process, I was new to this and had never heard of ucas points, so I had a phone call a few weeks later inquiring about my grades, I got very nervous an explained I hadn’t any since I was younger, ( I thought that’s it I’ve blown it I’m never getting in.) but the lady on the phone asked me what I had been doing all this time, so I explained and then at the end of the conversation she said we will be in touch.
I had a letter through inviting me to an open day at the campus, I arrived and was instantly greeted by a fresher buddy, the friendly face welcomed me and took me to the correct department and said they look forward to seeing me here in the autumn.

We were then shown the picturesque campus and introduced to a few of the lecturers from the course, after a chat with some of the lecturers I knew this is where I had to be. A place big enough to develop any dreams, and small enough to be on first name basis with lecturers and get that one on one support I would need in order to catch up with the academic work I had missed the last few years. I went home ecstatic, however I went back to work and waited to hear if I had been accepted, I had a dreading feeling that I wouldn’t get in, I turned up to work the next few days with my head hung low believing that perhaps that phone shop was were they’d find me 30 years down the line covered in dust, crumbling away. But no, about a week later I had a letter through in the post offering me a position on the course! Yes! Finally something I can get my teeth into and give my life a sense of direction.

As I was a few years older than the usual when I began university, I wanted to try living off campus in the town, I got In touch with the university and they gave me a list of trusted accommodation in town that other students had used in the past, after doing some research online I found a couple that looked right for me so I began the process of calling the landlords and landladies and agreed on dates for visiting the houses. I visited 4 or 5 houses in total and finally settled on one right next to the modern part of town. It was a 10 min walk from the university and 2 min walk to the shops, cinema, restaurants and pubs. It was perfect. I then got to the stage where I needed to get hold of the books for my course, I did a lot of shopping around and it was on a facebook group of students already at TSD, that I had the advice to buy them second hand. I was ready to start my course.