University gives back 0

For many students the be all and end all of going to university is the studying and socialising with friends made through Halls or via the course and sport activities, however for some taking that next step into a work-study environment is also important, and this is where the University gives back to their students.

Like many Universities UWTSD has many opportunities for their students to become more involved in activities that are taking place throughout the year, this is when those students looking for opportunities strike. Whether it be a part time job, through the University or by taking on extra responsibility on your course, by becoming a rep, or taking part in the arranged events laid on by the University staff during the evenings to network with businesses and others who think like you. This is all opportunities provided by the University and their way of giving back to the students who chose to spend their minimum 3 year study period with them.

Part time jobs

This is where I’m probably going to sound like every students worse nightmare, getting a job as well as studying for a degree you must be mental, well for some students this is the norm, the way they make their living, pay rent, provide food for themselves and earn a little extra on the side to go out a couple nights a week or buy that little something they’ve had their eye on for a while.

While many Postgraduate student will say this is their norm, for the undergrads its can be daunting finding places to work, well fear not career services are on hand to help you find a part-time job if necessary. Now whether this is the case for all campus under the brand UWTSD I’m not sure but in the Business school we have a projector by the main stairwell which gives out notifications, through this the University also posts jobs which have come up through internal networks. Meaning that the University as well as supplying you with study can also provide you with job opportunities on campus, like with all business’s they must advertise jobs internally to see if anyone at the industry would like the opportunity before going externally for it. As of September the Position of ‘Social Media and Online Ambassador’ was advertised and students from all the campuses applied.

Other opportunities, in terms of part time jobs can often be found in the Library and via vacancies page on the University website, if you are interested in finding a job. More